Lego men are a great way to prevent tangled wires

It’s spring clean season which means it’s all hands on deck to start de-cluttering, getting rid of the old and creating space for the new. Here are Walkers Windows, we’re always on the lookout for new space saving ideas and here are 5 of our favourite, fun storage hacks you might not have thought of already…

1.  Use two coat hooks to hang your ironing board on

Ahh the pesky ironing board. One of the home’s essential, yet bulkier items which can make it difficult to store as it takes up room in cupboards and pantries. However, placing two coat hooks on a wall (spaced out as wide of the legs of your ironing board) makes a great place to hang your ironing board and save space. Understandably, you might not want to hang your ironing board in a room which is on display, but popping two coat hooks on the wall in your cellar, pantry or storage cupboard will free up space and keep your ironing board neatly tidied away!

2.  Use Velcro to store remotes

There seems to be so much technology these days; everything comes with a remote of some sort which, of course, means your home is cluttered with the things! A great way to tidy these away neatly is to simply attach a strip of Velcro to the back of them and then another to the inside of a cupboard, the side of the TV or the underside of a coffee table and voila, no more remote clutter and everyone knows where the clicker/box/channel changer is!

3.  Use Lego men to stop wires tangling

Okay, so I know Lego probably doesn’t naturally spring to mind if you’re thinking about decluttering your home in time for spring – in fact it’s probably one of the things your trying to tidy away. However, if you can bear to have a couple of little Lego chaps around your home, you might be surprised how helpful they can be. If you’re wondering what I on earth I am talking about, let me explain – they’re tiny hands are the perfect size and shape for holding wires in place – which means your desk is tidy, phone chargers are kept organised and there is zero tangling! For the best results, have your Lego help stand on your desk and hold the wires that come up through the holes in your desk to stop them falling back through when they’re not in use, or Blu-tack him to the edge of the desk and have him hold your phone charger in place!

4.  Shoe holder to store cleaning products

Cleaning products are both necessary and cumbersome. There’s a cleaning product for almost every room in the house, and then there’s the accessories such as cloths and dusters, bleach and wipes and all the rest! With so much to contend with, cleaning products can take up a lot of room in cupboards and cabinets. To save space, use a shoe holder to store your cleaning goods on the back of the cupboard or pantry door. Cut your shoe holder down to size (if necessary) so that it fits behind the door you have chosen to use, simply hang it over the door and then you can begin to organise your cleaning products. Plus, this means you can say hello to more cupboard space!

5.  Use magnets to create storage space for herbs and spices

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a Deliah, you’ve probably got more herbs and spices in your kitchen than you can shake a stick at – which also means you’re probably running out of cupboard space for them all. For an attractive, cheap and efficient way to store them all, why not transfer them all into little glass pots with metal lids. Then simply attached a magnetic strip to the underside of your kitchen cabinets, you simply pop them on! The added bonus of this is, you can quickly and easily access them all when you’re cooking up a storm in the kitchen! Also, if you’re not chef but enjoy a spot of DIY, why not use the same principle on your garage wall and simply ‘stick’ all your tools to it!

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