Composite doors

Composite doors are the newest type of door used in homes and have been designed taking into consideration the common flaws experienced in singular material doors – which means common flaws on regular doors have been all but ironed out. They’re made up from a variety of materials, including PVC, wood, insulating foam and GRP which make them a great choice as they’re highly secure, have excellent weather resistance and boast superb thermal efficiency. Composite doors are designed to appear as a traditional wooden door, with attractive wood grain, but the materials used ensure that it won’t fade, dis-colour or require any maintenance beyond wiping with a damp cloth!

If you’re not already convinced that you should upgrade your front door with a composite, here are Walkers Windows top 6 reasons for investing…

1.  You’ll be the envy of your neighbours

When looking at ways to spruce up your home, your front door may not necessary spring to mind but updating the exterior can give your home a much needed face lift. Old drab doors are not welcoming, not as secure and lack in thermal efficiency – not to mention that they can make your property look dated. If you’ve already taken the plunge and updated your windows, be the envy of your neighbours and upgrade your door to a new composite doors. You’ll be surprised how many different styles, designs and colours there are to choose from…

2.  …and choosing one couldn’t be easier

Here at Walkers Windows we have a fabulous door designer app built into our website – pssh! See here – which makes choosing your new composite door easy peasy! The door designer application allows you to play around with different doors, colours, glass styles, frames and furniture until you find your perfect door. Then send your desired design to one of our dedicated Sales Advisors who will get back to you with a free, no obligation quotation as soon as possible!

3.  There a huge range of colour to choose from

Once you’ve chosen your door design, it’s time to consider what colour to go for – which could be the tricky part as there is a whole new range of colours available! Whether decide on a standard colour such as red, black, white or oak or you opt for something a little different such as Duck Egg, Buttercup, Sweet Pea or Pottery (that’s pale blue, yellow, pale green or beige to you and me) there is a huge range of colours to choose from. No matter what time of property you own or what period it is, there is a colour to suit your house…


4.  There is a style to suit any property

Whether you live in a period property, a bungalow, a modern home, a farmhouse or a cottage, there is a door for you! Composite doors come in a wide range of shapes and sizes – including stable doors – and there are hundreds are designs to choose from. If your property has Georgian bars through the windows, then why not go for a composite door with them too – you can have square or arched glass too. If you’re living in a farmhouse, how about a cottage style door with smaller windows that tend to be in-keeping with the property. No matter what style you choose, you can still choose from any of the aforementioned colours too!

5.  Still wanting more? Choose your extras

Once you’re set with your door design and colour – it’s time to add the finishing touches! Door numbers, handles, letterboxes and door knockers are all available on your new composite door. You can choose from black, white, chrome and gold making it easy to match your door furniture to your existing windows.

6.  They’re durable and easy to maintain

To help prolong the life of the surface of your new composite door, a little care and attention is required – however it couldn’t be easier! How often you tend to your door will depend on where you live. For example in heavily industrialised areas or near a main road, cleaning may need to be more often however, composite doors are high durable and will withhold most elements which means you shouldn’t need to bother cleaning your door too regularly – no matter where you live! Walkers Windows recommend you only ever use soapy water to clean down your composite door and avoid the following:

  • Do not use any pressure washers/jet washers
  • Do not use any abrasive cloths/cleaners
  • Do not use any bleach/cleaning products – just stick to soapy water
  • Keep sharp objects away to avoid any scratches

If you’re interested in a new composite door, visit to check out our full range – and don’t forget you can design your own here! Alternatively, call us on 0800 849 2229 for a free, no obligation quote!