We are looking forward to cosy autumn days now that the summer is officially over. With the nights drawing in and getting colder and wetter, we are quickly seeing less of the garden space. Get ready to hibernate indoors by creating a comfy corner space to retreat to.

The mood board above is full of ideas to give your space a little lift, with autumnal palettes and accessories to embrace the winter months.

1. A house plant will brighten up the home and make you feel good! They don’t loose their leaves and most of them are easy to maintain, giving your home a tropical vibe. Or better still fake it and buy an artificial plant like the one we have chosen.

2. You can never have too many throws! They are so useful all year round but are a must have item through the cold months. A nice patterned one will update your look as well as keeping you warm.

3. A simple but elegant table in a neutral colour is not only useful but will give your space a modern feel.

4 & 5. Create a cosy atmosphere with seasonal lighting. The soft fairy lights and candles will set the perfect tone for relaxing.

6. Invest in a good quality, comfy armchair to sink into at the end of the day that will give you years of enjoyment.
Is your conservatory ready for the cold nights ahead? If not, our energy efficient tiled roof conversions are perfect to create a comfortable, all year round living space.

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