When considering investing in a conservatory or orangery for your home, your first thought isnʼt likely to be that itʼd make a great space for your kids. Most will associate a conservatory or orangery as a peaceful place where you can enjoy a book or a morning cup of coffee however, itʼs becoming increasingly popular for home owners to install extra space for their children, and a conservatory is the perfect solution. Not convinced? Hereʼs why…


With most children in the UK heading back to school this week or next, a conservatory could be the perfect place for them to concentrate on that all important homework. Out of the way from the every day distractions of the home such as the television, games consoles and boisterous siblings, a conservatory can offer children a peaceful place for them to concentrate whilst offering inspiration from the great outdoors – in all weather! While your kids might have space is their bedrooms for working, itʼs likely to be filled with countless distractions and we all know what itʼs like when youʼre trying to concentrate on work and the television is staring at your from a far – for most the temptation is just too much! Additionally, their bedroom will be associated with play time, relaxing and sleeping so giving them their own space separate to those connotations can be a wonderful way to encourage learning.

Storage Space

Whether itʼs school books, library books, PE kits or toys Iʼm willing to bet your kids have a few (hundred) items that need storage space out of the way – especially this month as they head back to school armed with new stationary, uniform and books! If you canʼt afford the luxury of having the space in their bedrooms, a conservatory or orangery can offer an alternative. You donʼt have to necessarily dedicate the space to your children, but the extra space with give you more storage options – whether in the form of boxes, baskets or shelving! Whatever the colour and theme or your conservatory, you can guarantee there will be storage to match and blend in so you donʼt have to have all the items out on display meaning your kids rooms are cluttered and everything is in order.

No Mess

Dreaded art homework? Donʼt stress – most people will opt for laminate or tiled flooring in their conservatories meaning no matter how messy their homework is, youʼll be able to clean it up without the worry. Plus, you can let their creativity work itʼs magic away from the television and closer to the great outdoors. The great thing about a conservatory is, no matter what mess your children manage to create, it is likely to be easy-peasy to clean up and you wonʼt need to worry about tripping up over toys and pens whilst walking upstairs because theyʼll all be contained in once place and away from the main house.

Peace and Quiet

Music practice? Yes, we all love to hear out children playing an instrument and achieving their goals but sometimes a little peace and quiet is necessary – especially if youʼve had a long day in the office! A conservatory or orangery with Walkers A-rated double glazing will allow your kids to practice to their heartʼs content whilst you can enjoy a relaxing five minutes with a cuppaʼ and wind down. It also works in their favour too, shielding them from the noises and distraction of the family home while they get their homework done.

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