A cream breakfast room

So, it’s not quite the weather for outdoor dining just yet and here in Yorkshire we know all too well that even when the great British summer does finally arrive, there’s never any guarantee that we’ll have glorious sunshine for weeks on end. In fact, unfortunately those sunny days tend to be few and far between more often than not.

However, it’s not all bad news because if you’re itching to get back outside and into the great outdoors to dine Al Fresco style, here are 5 reason’s why Walkers Windows think your garden room or conservatory is the next best place to enjoy your first meal of the day:

1. Enjoy your garden whilst staying warm and dry

Okay, so it may not be warm (or dry) enough to sit outside in your garden just yet but enjoying breakfast in your garden room or conservatory can be the perfect way to wake up. No matter what the weather, you can enjoy your garden and stay cosy as you sink your teeth into your toast and sip your cuppa’! All Walkers Windows products are manufactured using A-rated glass which means you won’t need to worry about your heating bills either – all the warmth is contained within the room and any cold weather is kept out!

2. Wake up to the sights and sounds of your garden wildlife

Grab your coffee, sit back and bask in all the light of the spring/summer mornings.

A garden room is the best place to take in all the bustling sights and sounds of the British wildlife which also makes it a great bird watching spot! Plus, if you’ve opted for a traditional conservatory, the high volume of glass means you have a glorious view of your garden, from all angles!

3. Start your day away from the bustle of the family home

A tranquil conservatory breakfast is a great way to prepare yourself for a busy day at the office. Away from the hustle and bustle of the morning routine in the family home, grabbing yourself five minutes in a quiet, airy room can really help you gather your thoughts and keep feeling calm and collected for the rest of the day. Ahh Bliss! If only if was always like this, eh?

4. Make the space what you want…

The great thing about a garden room or conservatory is that you can have fun decorating it and deciding what sort of room you want it to be. You can have a fancy breakfast with all the trimming sat across a grand dining room table if you wish or pop some armchairs in there instead, recline and relax as you start your day. Plus, even better still, there’s nothing stopping you changing the theme of your conservatory whenever you choose as you’ll find it one of the easiest spaces in the home to decorate and change!

5. A perfect place to host a party

Summer is a great time to host a dinner party but if you’re worried the unpredictable weather may ruin your plans to wine and dine outside – use your conservatory or garden room instead! If the weather is on side and it’s a sunny day, you can enjoy all the sunshine from inside your conservatory (and avoid flies, bees and wasps attacking your food, or you!). Then once your guests have finishing eating, you can move the party outdoors and enjoy the sunshine first hand. If the weather isn’t as great as you’d have liked it to be then, don’t worry you can stay warm and dry indoors as you cater for your guests. It’s a no brainer!

Have a look at our range of conservatories and orangeries to see which would be the perfect design for breakfasting like royalty.

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