According to property experts the best way to increase the value of your home would be add an additional room. For many though the addition of an extension can be expensive and coupled along with planning permission and building regulations it can be a long drawn out process. However with the use of thermally efficient solar control glazing in all Walkers conservatories and local permitted development rules you will be able to add an extension by means of a conservatory or orangery by Walkers Windows at up to ½ the price of a traditional extension and most of the time have it installed within 2 to 3 weeks. So with this in mind how would you use your conservatory?

Conservatory living room

Living Room

A conservatory can give you extra space to create a new living room where you can enjoy peace, quiet, solitude and relaxation in sunny, light surroundings and with the option of a clear glass roof you can also enjoy gazing at the stars on a clear evening. Plus you can have the pleasure of the views of your garden from your conservatory all year round, whatever the weather.

TV room

If he likes to watch football but you like watching Coronation Street then a new conservatory to use as a TV room could be the answer to your problems and with the anti-glare properties in our solar control glass roofs is unlikely to impede your picture quality. Or perhaps for the more adventurous, you could have your very own cinema room in your luxury orangery.


Inside a cream playroom conservatory

Play Room

If you’re fed up of having toys strewn all over the house why not have your very own designated Play Room conservatory. Here at walkers we have installed quite a few conservatories for the use as a children’s play room and with the use of great storage ideas it can be easily transformed into a multi-use room. Call down to see our very own play room conservatory at our showroom on Leeds Road Huddersfield to get ideas on how you can use yours!


A white dining room conservatory

Dining Room

Probably the most popular choice for many would be installing a conservatory to use as a dining room. Dining room conservatories can be a great entertaining space. Whether it be for a romantic dinner for two or in the case of one of Walkers recent installations a restaurant to seat 50 diners you can be sure an orangery or conservatory dining room will certainly enhance your dining experience.

A cream breakfast room

Breakfast Room

The Breakfast room conservatory seems to be a popular choice for many retired ones who enjoy reading the morning papers over a pot of tea. With great lighting and panoramic views over your garden this is a great addition to any home. Many breakfast room conservatories we install are usually modest in size and start from £4995, so with prices this low why not treat yourself to a brand new Breakfast room conservatory.

Music room

If you fancy yourself as the next X factor contestant why not have your very own conservatory music room to practice in, and with a wide range of acoustic glazing you can be sure the neighbours will be happy too. The tiled roof conservatory option would be the perfect choice with 150mm of insulation in the roof space this will also help with great sound proofing.

Garden room

If you are a keen gardener and don’t have a greenhouse using a conservatory is a great space to bring on your cuttings and creates an extension of your garden into the home. By growing plants in your conservatory you are also improving the air quality in your home.


A white home office with a iMac on the desk

Home office

A dedicated room in your home to carry out your work is essential to get the best productivity from the day. A conservatory makes a great working space offering a light airy environment allowing you to escape the day to day on going distractions that go on in the home and work, so you can work from home but in a professional manner.

In summary conservatories are a popular investment for UK home owners and gain additional living space without having to apply for planning permission, most conservatories don’t need planning permission, but it’s advisable to check with your local installer.

Although conservatories are popular they are sometimes under used, with owners waiting for the perfect weather conditions, which in the UK can be a rarity. By dressing and heating the room correctly and with new products like the guardian roof system and glass roofs with excellent UV ratings, you will be able to use the room all year round.

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