Dining room conservatory

Most people will associate a conservatory as just another room; usually unspecified as to its use or main purpose and used primarily as a place to bask in the sun or enjoy your garden. Less will consider turning a conservatory or orangery in to an all year round dining space – whether that be a fully kitted out dining room or just somewhere to indulge in a hot coffee or a light breakfast.

But why not? The possibilities are virtually endless design wise and with Walkers Windows A-rated, thermally efficient glass and the added option for the addition of a tiled roof, a conservatory can be used in all seasons and whatever the English weather decides throws at us.

If you’re not convinced yet, here are a few common problems home owners face and how converting your existing conservatory or orangery (or having a new one installed) can solve them:

“I’ve just bought a house with no dining room and no space for a table…”

Converting a conservatory or orangery into a dining room can be a great way to create a tranquil setting to eat and drink in – whether that’s just with family or if you’re hosting a dinner party for friends. Not all houses will have the luxury of a dining room and in some houses there just isn’t the space for a dining table and chairs. Even if you manage to squeeze a dining space into the corner of your living room, storage can be a nightmare with bulky dining room furniture taking up value room in cupboards and pantries. With a

whole room dedicated to dining, storage doesn’t have to be an issue as it can be left out all year in its own space.

“I have a dining room but it’s nowhere near my kitchen…”

Whether you live in a large house or a smaller one, sometimes setting aside a room for dining isn’t easy as not all homes will have the space dedicated before you move in. If you’ve converted one of the rooms inside your house in to a dining space, it may not be as conveniently placed as you’d like it to be, meaning you have to carry food through other rooms or hallways (carrying spaghetti over cream carpets should definitely be avoided where possible). Plus, who wants the extra leg work, holding a dinner party can be hard work as it is! Many homes will have the potential to build a conservatory on to or near the kitchen area so creating an open planing kitchen and dining area – you can also talk to guest whilst you cook!

“We have a dining room but it’s cramped and dull…”

No matter what size conservatory or orangery you opt for, the vast amount of glass used to create the space will instantly add a sense of light and airiness to the room which, in turn will allow the room to feel bigger than it actually is. The added bonus too is that all the glass means you can let it all the sights and sounds of the garden, no matter what the weather! Wine and dine your guests this spring whilst also showing off your gardening skills and enjoying the British wildlife.

“I like the idea of creating a dining room in my conservatory but I don’t know where to start…”

If you’re considering having a new conservatory installed, planning for a dining space is easy. The main aspects to think about are, how many people are you wanting to cater for? Will you use the space all year round? How close to the kitchen would you like it? Then all you need to do is speak to one of Walkers Windows dedicated Sales Advisors who can help you with the style and design of the room.

If you’re thinking about converting an existing conservatory or orangery into a dining area then it could be as simple as a furniture swap. Replace your settee and coffee table with a large dining room table and chair and voilà, you’re all set! The beauty of a dining room is that, except for the odd lamp, there isn’t any real need for any electrics as the glass lets the natural light in – candles are great addition to add atmosphere during the darker winter months.

Feeling inspired? If you’re looking for a stylish and stunning conservatory to wine and dine in, take a look at our website and make an appointment for a free, no obligation quote with one of our sales team today!

If you’re looking for some ideas on design and decor for your new dining space, House and Garden have some gorgeous examples on how to make the best of your space here.