Half term is the perfect opportunity to spend a probably much needed couple of weeks away from work with the children. Day trips are amazing, but sometimes when you’re strapped for cash or just a little bit worn out, home is the only place to be. So… we’ve put out heads together and have come up with some brilliant ways for you to make the most of your space over the break!

Bring summer to your garden early!

Brush off the seat covers, dig out the sand pit, fire up the Barbecue… summer is on it’s way. It might only be 15 degrees but that’s good enough for us. These next few weeks will give you the opportunity to get yourself and your little ones away from the world of screens for a bit and reconnect with nature and each other. You could even pick up some new plants and do a little gardening together!


With a pair of bi-fold doors or a home extension like a Conservatory or Orangery you can open up your home to outdoors like never before.

Rainy Day Movie Den

Conservatory? Check. Blanket fort? Check. Stack of unwatched DVD’s that are still in the wrapper? Check. Unlimited popcorn and snacks? You’ve got it. This is a tried and tested method that’s absolutely perfect for rainy days where all you feel like doing is lounging around in your jogging bottoms all day. When you’re all movied out, you can emerge from you blanket fort and watch the stars come our all from the comfort of your own Conservatory. Sounds pretty perfect to us!


Family Reunion

It’s your turn to hold the big Bank Holiday family meal and we’ve got the trick for you; turn your Conservatory into extra dining space! You could set out a big buffet table, or add a bunch of extra chairs and tables and suddenly being faced with the in-laws, the cousins, the great aunties and the dogs won’t seem half as daunting.


From Windows and Bi-fold doors to Conservatories and Orangeries, we’ve got everything you need to make your house a home. Get in touch with us on our freephone at 0800 849 222 9 or email to get a quote today!