With some of the first proper sunshine this week, most of us will now be looking forward to the summer and the end of the snow, ice and rain (yay!). With warmer weather and longer days a lot of us will also start thinking about hosting BBQ’s and al fresco dining. However, if you donʼt have easy access to your garden from your house, or youʼre worried about having room to entertain your guests, it can become more of a stressful experience than it is fun. Here at Walkers Windows we have the perfect solution to all your BBQ and outdoor dining dilemmas (the only thing we canʼt change in Yorkshireʼs unpredictable weather!)…

If you donʼt have easy access to your garden…

Of course, in most cases you will have a way to get to your garden but if this involves exiting through your front door and walking round to the rear garden, the thought of entertaining guests and carrying food about can be daunting. The solution? Walkers Windows can install Patio or French doors to the rear of your property, opening up your home to the outdoors and making delivering food and drinks to your guests a breeze! This will also add extra light to your home; making your home feel more spacious and helping you enjoy the sunshine, even from indoors.

You only have a small garden and youʼre worried there wonʼt be room for everyone?

Entertaining friends and family can be a great idea – and lots of fun – but if you donʼt have lots of space in your garden or your home it can be difficult to comfortably seat and serve everyone. Swapping the rear door of your property to a French or Patio door will not only make serving food a whole lot easier but it will help merge your home with your garden and create twice as much room. This can be the perfect solution for making enough space for everyone, especially if you open up your kitchen or dining area with new door double doors; that way some of your guests can sit comfortably inside and outside without feeling left out from the party!

You have decking and/or a small garden and youʼre worried about doors taking up valuable space?

Opting for Patio doors instead of French doors can be a great way to save on space. Sliding Patio doors donʼt take up any room, even when open so if youʼre looking to add them to your property but youʼre worried about space – donʼt! As Sliding Patio doors donʼt open either in or out, you can leave them open throughout your evening of entertainment and still seat guests on decking or paving directly outside your home – without knocking anyone out every time you come out to your garden!

You like the idea of French or Patio doors but youʼre worried about security…

All Walkers Windows doors are fitted with high security locking mechanisms and our door systems have been tested in some of the world’s harshest climates – including deserts and extreme alpine locations over long periods of time with great success. In fact we are so confident in the durability of our doors that we provide a 10 year guarantee on them, as is standard on our entire range of products.

If youʼre ready to open up your home and make the BBQ season that bit easier this year, call Walkers Windows for a free, no obligation quotation today on 0800 849 2229. Want to see our fantastic doors for yourself? Visit our showroom on Leeds Road, Huddersfield and have a look at what style and colour is best for your home!

by Charlotte Strickland