The summer holidays mean the kids get six weeks off school but in the hectic world of a working adult, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you do too! If you’re one of the unlucky ones that still has to work but would like to spend time with your children at the same time, you may have opted to work at home this summer.

So, whether you usually work from home or you’re just a summer temp, you’ll need a home office which aids your productivity and has little distractions – except for perhaps the kids! Here are our top 5 tips to the perfect home office:

Choose your room wisely…

You’ll need to find a room within your home which is a quiet spot, has little distractions and is not overly associated with relaxing. Just as in any office environment, it is advisable to steer away from any rooms with a television as the temptation to put it on can be all too much (and once you’ve started watching one episode of Jeremy Kyle, you’ll be in it for the long haul). It’s also best to avoid any bedrooms as you’re likely to associate the space with relaxing and sleeping which isn’t bound to put you in a working mood. Walkers recommend a conservatory or orangery as the perfect space for a home office as they allow light in to the space and can offer some great inspiration from the outdoors. Plus, if you’re children are enjoying the great outdoors this summer, you can easily keep an eye on them!

Support yourself…

If you’re sitting at a desk for any amount of time, it is important to make sure you choose your seat wisely. You’ll need to be comfortable but upright in order to encourage productivity – too horizontal and you’ll be sleeping instead of working! It’s essential that you’re back is supported, especially if you’re staring at a computer screen all day and it’s advised that you don’t work from your lap i.e make sure you get a proper desk for your PC or laptop.

File efficiently…

Even if you’re just working from home over the summer, it is essential that you create a system for filing. Chances are you’ll create a lot more paperwork than you imagine you will once you get in to the swing of things and if you need a particular document later down the line, you’ll be thanking yourself for filing efficiently when you can easily find it. There’s loads of stylish filing aids you can buy, from boxes to cabinets and folders so don’t worry about making your office look drab – just choose wisely!

Create a kids heaven…

You might have opted to work from home in order to spend more time with your children over summer but unfortunately if you are working from home, chances are a lot of that time will be spend overseeing their play. You might not want the kids in the office with you if you’re trying to work but creating a playroom for them in a the next room (or in the garden if you’re working from a conservatory) can be a great way to make sure you know what they’re up to without having them on your toes. The added bonus with working from a conservatory whilst the little ones enjoy the garden is you’ll be able to see everything through the glass but hear very little thanks for fabulous energy efficient double glazing!

Set yourself regular hours

It can be really hard to stay focused whilst working from home – especially if it’s just a temporary set up for the summer as you will still associate home with family and relaxing rather than work. Setting yourself regular working hours is the best way to help you stay in the zone. Set an alarm just as you would if you were going to the office, have a coffee and some breakfast and allow yourself to wake up and then start work at a set time. If you can, give yourself a set time for a lunch break and pack up at the end of the day at a set time. This gives you structure like that you would find in a working office and helps you maintain your productivity as well as helping you achieve goals. However, don’t be too strict on yourself – the kids are bound to demand your attention at some point throughout the day!

If you’re thinking about setting up a home office and you’re considering a conservatory or an orangery, visit or call our sales team on free 0800 849 2229 for more information and a no obligation quotation!