Happy Sun

This week has seen Britain reach the hottest ever temperatures since records began in ! In Heathrow, London temperatures reached a scorching 36.7°C on 1st July and here in not-always-so-sunny Yorkshire, we recorded temperates over 35°C!

Most will welcome the warmer weather after a long, cold and wet winter but if you’ve got a conservatory or orangery, you’ll know that even with Walkers Windows fabulous A-rated glass, in such extreme temperates, it can be tricky to keep the heat out. Of course we also had some thunder and lightning but with this heatwave set to continue for a few weeks yet, here are Walker’s top tips for keeping your conservatory cool this summer…


Opening up windows and doors and allowing the summer breeze and fresh air to pass through your space can make a huge difference to the temperature in your conservatory or orangery. Even a slight breeze can make a big difference, even in just allowing some clean air to breath in.

Ceiling Fans

Another great way to help keep the temperature down is installing a ceiling fan. These are great all year round as they keep the air circulated and feeling fresh; creating a breeze inside even without opening any windows – which is great if you don’t want any pesky insects making their way inside your home!

Air Conditioning

One of the more expensive options, but by far the most effective, air conditioning is the only guaranteed way to keep your conservatory cool this summer – especially when you’re fighting against a 35°C heat wave! There are some cheaper options available though, if you decide to go for a stand alone unit as opposed to plumbing one in, you can save yourself some money. Plus, if you’re not using your conservatory, you can move this into the rom you are using and keep your home cool too! The other added bonus with air conditioning is there are units available that will heat a room as well as cool making it a worthwhile investment for use all year round.


Keeping the sun from penetrating your conservatory is another great way to shield it from the heat – especially if at any point of the day the sun is directly on the room as glass can heat up very quickly. Blinds will protect your conservatory from the heat by creating shade and can also be a great way to add some colour and decor to your space. Blinds can be installed to any pane of glass in your conservatory too and can be built into the frames of the windows allowing a free moving mechanism – including your roof panels – which make them the perfect heat preventing tool this summer! They’re also an excellent way to create a sense of privacy to our conservatory, allowing you to enjoy the sunshine and the glorious weather, without the fear of any nosey neighbours!

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