As the days begin to gradually grow shorter, darker nights start making an appearance and the weather slowly gets colder, itʼs time to put the BBQ away and head back in doors for autumn – boo! If youʼve got a conservatory or orangery though, the changing season wonʼt necessarily be a bad thing because during autumn and winter theyʼre a great pace to cosy up and enjoy a whole host of options. Plus, if youʼve got Walkers double-glazing you can keep warm and still enjoy your garden. Here are our favourite uses for your conservatory over autumn and winter:

Host a Games Night

A conservatory is a great place to host a games party this autumn/winter. Drag youʼre friends and family away from their televisions and their phones and get them playing the old school favourites, such as Cluedo, Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit, this season. Away from the distractions of our modern homes, filled with electronics and technology, your conservatory is the perfect escape and therefore, a perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with your loved one – even if thereʼs a little bit a friendly competition involved.


Imagine being able to look up our the stars, loose yourself in the skies and still be warm and cosy…well you can from the comfort of your double-glazed conservatory! If youʼre interested in the stars, a conservatory is a wonderful place to enjoy them – especially if youʼve opted for a glass roof! Make yourself a cup of tea, set your telescope up and you can star-gaze for hours on end without feeling the cold.

Snuggle Up With a Book

It may not be warm enough to actually sit outside once autumn rears itʼs head but that doesnʼt mean you canʼt still enjoy your garden and indulge yourself in a book. A conservatory makes the perfect relaxing environment to relax and find yourself in a story this season, away from all the modern distractions of your home. Plus, you can still enjoy the sights and sounds of your garden – even in the rain!

Host a Dinner Party

As dinner parties normally go, youʼll find everyone seems to congregate in the kitchen – which means you end up tripping over your guests whilst trying to get to the oven and back! This autumn, settle your guests in to the space and comfort of your double-glazed conservatory or orangery and let them sit back and unwind whilst you enjoy the space in the kitchen. Youʼll find that the natural light and garden views will automatically create a peaceful atmosphere and when it gets darker outside, pop a lamp on and light a few candles to maintain the mood.

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