Replacing your windows are often thought to be quite an expensive job, especially if it’s a full house of windows. Therefore, most homeowners delay it and live in denial about the fact that new windows are a necessity. But is this way of thinking beneficial for you in the long term?

We’ve made a list of five signs explaining why you may need to consider getting new windows.

1. Higher Energy Bills
One of the biggest factors in low performing windows is energy efficiency. Do you find even when you’re constantly turning up the heat, you’re having to walk round in a jumper? Then there’s probably a fault with your windows. If you feel a draft coming from your window this could be the reason. New A rated windows vs old single glazed timber ones could save you up to 94% on heat loss through the windows. And depending on what study you read it can save you between £200-£400 per year on your fuel bills. At Walkers, we offer A Rated windows as standard meaning we’ll keep the warmth in and the cold out!

2. Leaky Windows
If your windows are leaking water constantly when ever it rains (which is nearly all the time in the UK) then this is a cause for concern and it may be that the window has been poorly fitted or has a failed seal unit. You may believe there isn’t enough water to justify spending to replace them, but when water comes through it exposes your house to moisture. No matter how little there is, moisture fuels the growth of mold. This means the longer you go without replacing your windows the greater chance the leaking window will create an even bigger problem.

3. Outdoor Noise
Do passing cars keep you up at night? Or can’t you concentrate reading your book because of the noise coming from outside? This might be a sign that your current window is transferring sound vibrations from the street into your house. That’s why Walkers Windows customers can enjoy reduced noise and glare due to our double glazed energy efficient windows! We make sure your windows absorb the noise before it gets to you.

4. Poor security
With many old and dated windows, the security of these are minimal meaning it’s easier than ever for intruders to break into your home. If you’re windows are old and don’t open and close properly, this makes it easier than ever for an intruder to strike. With over 1 million burglaries or attempted burglaries each year in the UK (that’s over 1 per minute), it’s important to make sure your home is as secure as possible. At Walkers we can help you achieve this, our double glazed windows have been designed to offer the highest levels of security, this includes an 8 point locking system on both sides of any opening window.

5. Window Operation
Windows should open and close effortlessly. If you’re struggling to do this then it’s a sign the window is due for an upgrade. Replacing the window is always preferred to attempting to repair it!

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