It’s that wonderful time of year again when most of us are thinking about our summer holidays and jet-setting off to sunnier climates – especially as the school holidays are fast approaching! However, despite our excitement, leaving your home whilst you leave the country for a week or two in the sun can mean leaving it in the hands of an opportunist burglar.

So you can completely relax while you’re lounging by the pool this summer, here are Walkers Windows top tips on how to deter and prevent burglary whilst you’re away…

Lock up

We may be stating the obvious here, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t actually lock their windows are doors whilst they’re not in their home. If a burglar takes a chance on your property and finds the window or door is unlocked, what’s stopping them coming in, undetected? Any access point is a potential way of entry to a criminal so make sure you’ve checked, and double checked all the possible entries.

Keep valuables out of sight

Even with your windows and doors closed, any valuables you leave on display can be just the incentive for an intruder to break in. Keep all car and house keys well hidden out of sight and if you have a safe, keep them secure in there.

Alarms and Automatic Lighting

A burglar alarm is one of the most effective ways to prevent thieves entering your home and automatic outdoor lights can put of anyone even getting as far as to set an alarm off. If an alarm is set off, they are loud enough to alert the whole street and will deter most burglars for going any further. Also consider getting a light switch timer to automatically put your lights on indoor for a set time.

Ask friends and family to keep an eye out

It is a good idea to ask friends, family and neighbours to keep an eye out on your house while you’re away. Asking them to open and close curtains and retrieve mail is a sensible way to suggest you’re home to thieves.

Invest in security

You can prevent a burglary with a reliable window & door system. At Walkers Windows, we are proud to offer the latest safety technology on all our doors and windows as standard. Multipoint locking, shoot bolts and high specification dog bolts on our windows will ensure that every effort is made to deter all unauthorised entry to your property and our doors offer the extremely safe and secure Ultion Lock which is approved by locksmiths, the police and British Standards.

Ultion Lock

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