Slide & Swing Doors

It’s that time of year again when we start to spend a little more time in our gardens but, as we all know too well, the British weather isn’t always predictable – even in June! If you’re looking for a solution to help you enjoy your garden without necessarily sitting out in it, Patio or French doors can be a great way to open up your home into the garden, creating a sense of extra space and bringing in natural light. However, if you’re really looking to open up your space and enjoy the outdoors, the New Wave Swing and Slide door is definitely worth considering.

This new patented MagnalineTM slide and stack technology allows you to seamlessly break down the barrier between your home and your garden, effortlessly and beautifully. Swing and Slide doors enable you to completely open up any part of your home to unrestricted views with no unsightly or bulky bolts, hinges or hardware – or frame work! Each door has at least one hinged master door, meaning no matter how many panels you choose, not all have to be opened at the same time offering almost unlimited flexibility.

Not only are Swing and Slide doors visually striking but there are easy to operate and boast excellent thermal efficiency and water-proof performance. As with all Walkers Windows products, every door is fitted with A-rated double glazed units so you can enjoy the great views of your garden from inside – even in the winter months! Plus, you can sit back and enjoy the views, safe in the knowledge that they also come with superb security fittings.

Even with all segments of the door completely open, the sleek design will not encroach on any garden or patio space making it the perfect solution for integrating your home and your garden. The availability to open up such a wide space makes the Swing and Slide door your best friend when hosting a barbecue as both guests (and food) can easily access both the house and the garden without trailing through the rest of your home – which also means less muddy footprints!

If you’re ready to transform your home with Swing and Slide doors, call Walkers Windows today on 0800 849 2229 for a free, no obligation quote.