The word conservatory comes from the Italian “conservato” (meaning preserved or stored) and the Latin “ory” (a place for) and was originally used to describe a structure used for keeping food. Over time the word evolved to describe glazed structures used for the protection, or conservation, of plants from cold British weather.

The earliest known conservatories, dating way back to the 17th century, were used mainly by the scientific research community, nobility and the landowners to protect their plants, especially those collected on extravagant European tours that they wished to grow back in the colder climate of the United Kingdom. We love the idea of a conservatory full of wildlife, so working with that historic approach we’ve come up with a few ideas that might inspire you to turn your conservatory into a relaxing plant filled retreat! (p.s. we’ve found some quite fancy plants here, but you can buy very cheap indoor plants in all local garden centres too, so don’t feel like you need to splash out on them)

winter with walkers plants offer

There’s a common misconception that conservatories are only for summer use, but with Walkers Windows conservatories that couldn’t be further from the truth. Any of our products fitted with our Energy Efficient Argon-filled Double Glazed glass retain heat and the keep the warmth in and cold out all year round. We also offer heated flooring to keep your heating bills down and your toes nice and warm. Get in touch to find out more!

1. Truman Lamp, £56 from MADE   2. Manduri Hanging Planters , £26.95 from All Things Brighton Beautiful   3. Evergreen: Living With Plants, £35 from Anthropologie   4. Dragon Trees, £1 & £12 from Ikea   5. Small Grey Pots, £6 from Peastyle   6. Walkers Windows Victorian Style Conservatory   7. Strandmon Armchair, £179 from Ikea   8. Cactus Throw Pillow, £26 from Redbubble   9. Succulent Trio, £25 from Marks & Spencers