Spruced up house with an orangery leading to garden

With spring just around the corner, (not that we’re counting down the days, but it really could not come soon enough, right?) it’s time to start thinking about your annual spring clean, which doesn’t always just have to mean clearing out and throwing things away!

Spring is synonymous with new beginnings, fresh starts and new life which also makes it the perfect time to look at ways to brighten up your home and garden; after all who isn’t guilty of neglecting their garden during the winter and when was the last time you thought about sprucing up the external features of your home? It’s the norm to begin your spring clean on the inside of your home with a fresh lick of paint, some new furniture and some fancy candles but don’t forget the outside!

Here are some of our top tips on how to get your home and garden looking revitalised in time for spring/summer 2015 and add value to your property…

Out with the old, in with the new

Update your drab old windows with new A-rated, energy efficient ones because nothing lasts forever – not even your windows! New windows will not only instantly modernise your home but also eliminate draughts and can help reduce your energy bills as they work to keep heat in and the cold out – meaning the less fuel you have to burn to keep your home warm! While windows are obviously a great way to add life to the external of your home they will also help spruce up the internal meaning you can update your indoor living space at the same time! We have a huge range of windows at Walkers so we’re guaranteed to have some to suit your property.  Come visit our showroom to see our wide range of colours and styles then our sales team and surveyors can work to turn your vision into bespoke windows and voilà, your home has landed in 2015!

Knock knock!

Okay, so your new windows are installed and looking fabulous…but when your four hundred year (ish) door is practically falling off it’s hinges, it sort of ruins the whole fresh, spring vibe you’ve got going on. Your new windows may be inviting but your out-dated front door certainly isn’t so perhaps it’s time to moderise that too? After all your door is one of the main external features to your home and brightening it up can work wonders for your property as well as add to the security of your home. Walkers Composite doors are available in a wide range of colours, styles and glass options and your new door will be made completely bespoke to you; right down to the tiny (but very important) details such as letterboxes, door handles, spy holes and door knockers – even a catflap should you require one!

Bring the outside, in…

We’re all aware that British summer time isn’t always quite as advertised and while we’d all love to be able to sit in the garden for the duration and bask in glorious sunshine, more often then not the weather dictates otherwise – but don’t let that stop you enjoying your garden! One of the simplest ways to brighten up your home this spring is to bring the outdoors, inside (not all of it of course, leave the wind and rain please). Come March, flowers are beginning to blossom again and the evenings are starting to get lighter but there’s still a nip in the air meaning you can’t yet fully enjoy your garden. Binging flowers into your home will instantly brighten it up, add a flash of colour and help keep the place smelling fresh too! If you’re not an avid gardener or you want to leave your flowers in their outdoor beds, why not visit a horticultural show this summer where you can learn more about the art of gardening and also purchase flowers for your home or you could go one step further and…

Extend your living space, into the garden…

With spring comes lighter evenings but not necessarily drastic temperature increases which can make enjoying your outdoor living space tricky. The easiest way to stay warm and appreciate your garden is from a bespoke conservatory or orangery – that way you’re practically sat outside but you can enjoy all your wonderful spring garden has to offer without catching a cold. As with all our products we have an amazing range to chose from at Walkers Windows making extending your living space that little bit easier!

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