A-rated double glazing as standard

With some things in life, practicality means sacrificing on aesthetics. For instance, the coat that will keep you warmest and driest may not necessarily find itself splashed across the pages of Vogue magazine and, while you may spending your days dreaming of cruising to work in a top of the range sports cars, it’s unlikely to be the safest or the most practical mode of transport – especially if you’re spending rush hour in queues of traffic!

When it comes to windows though, Walkers Windows have durability, practicality, thermal efficiency and style covered so, no matter what design, colour, glass or shape you choose, you never have to forfeit on the visuals.

Plus, whatever style you choose, there’s a whole host of reasons that make Arated, thermally efficient windows a great choice and there’s never been a better time to buy with Walkers wonderful spring offers!

Reduce your energy bills…

With a huge 26% of domestic heat loss escaping through windows, installing Arated glass will not only keep your home warm by keeping the cold out during the bitter winter months, but it will also allow you to keep your heating off that little bit longer which, as a result, might just save you money off your bills each month!

Draughts driving you mad?

Installing new A-rated windows will not only keep your home warm by keeping the cold from penetrating the glass, but could also dramatically reduce draughts and cold spots which will help keep your living space comfortable and cosy – all year round.

Ahh! Peace and quiet…

Living on a busy main road? Sick of hearing cars speed past after dark? Neighbour’s screaming kids driving you round the bend? Well, while you’re saving money on your energy bills you can also sit back and enjoy your new tranquil home  as Walkers Windows thermally efficient windows could significantly reduce the amount of noise pollution that penetrates through the glass and into your family home.

(Disclaimer: Not likely to work on noise inside the house i.e. your own screaming kids unless you go stand outside).

So, how do they work? All Walkers Windows double-glazed products consist of two sheets of glass. Between the two panes of glass there is a gap that is filled with argon gas which creates an insulating barrier to help keep the heat in and the cold out. This technology means that all our products achieve the most energy-efficient rating, awarded by the BFRC.

Come visit our showroom and look out for the BFRC energy rating labels which will explain how well Walkers Windows products do the following:

  • Help you contain and conserve heat within your home during autumn/winter
  • Reduce heat loss caused by draughts
  • Reduce condensation*
  • Improve sound insulation

To find out more about Walkers Windows thermally efficient windows click here.
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