We’re almost over the worst of the winter weather now (fingers crossed) and the longer days and increasingly shorter nights mean we’ve all got spring in our sights – and on our minds. If you’re anything like me you’ll be wishing it would hurry already up so we can ditch the winter coats, don some shorts and enjoy the great outdoors!

It might not be warm enough to sit outside all day just yet but the increasing sunlight is definitely an element most of us would like to invite inside our homes to help brighten the place up a little! One of the best ways to achieve this (without having all your windows and doors opens and catching a cold as a result) is with Bi-Folding doors. The introduction of large panels of glazing can make a huge difference to your home; brightening it up and bringing some of the lovely sunshine inside – without bringing the cold in with it!

As with all our products, Walkers Windows’ Bi-Folding doors are fitted with A-rated double glazing to ensure that the addition of more glass doesn’t mean that your energy bills will suddenly go through the roof. In fact, our high standard double-glazing might even help lower your bills a little as they’re super energy efficient – keeping the warm in and the cold out so you (and the central heating) don’t have to work as hard to keep your home nice and cosy!

Worried they won’t suit your home or that your property isn’t big enough? As with all Walkers Windows products, our Bi-Folding doors come in a wide range of colours so choosing a colour and style to suit your home is easy. If you live in a smaller property, you can have as little as 2 sections to your new door or increase the number for larger homes. Furthermore, all of our Bi-Folding Doors are made to measure and so they’ll be custom made for your home so we can ensure they will suit it perfectly.

The best bit though? The installation of more glass means you can sit back and enjoy your garden from the comfort (and heating) of your living room, conservatory or kitchen and, in summer, you can open them up and invite the summer inside. They’re also brilliant for BBQ’s and dinner parties as you can easy carry food in and out to your hungry guests, allow the fresh air inside and you don’t have to be in another room away from your visitors if you’re being chef for the day!

If you’re interested in investing in some beautiful new Bi-Folding Doors, visit Walkers Windows showroom today to see our range in store or call us for a free no obligation quotation on 0800 849 2229 and one of our dedicated Sales Advisors will help you decide what size and style are best for you and your home.