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Brr! Thereʼs certainly been a sudden drop in temperature over the last couple of days and that means that most of us will have caved in and succumbed to switching the central heating on in a bid to staying warm. However, if youʼre thinking about having a new conservatory or orangery installed, you might not have thought about how youʼll help keep that warm and toasty over the winter months alongside your home. Of course, Walkers Windows fit all our conservatories and orangeries with A-rated double glazing which will help conserve the heat in your new installation, but as we plunge into the depths of a cold winter, we recommend you take advantage of our recommended heating option…underfloor heating.

Thereʼs a whole host of reasons why underfloor heating is so popular among our valued customers, and hereʼs why…

Thereʼs no maintenance

There are no moving parts to an underfloor heating system which means very little can go wrong. Once Walkerʼs NICEIC qualified electrician has installed your new system for you, you wonʼt have to worry about an maintenance costs unlike with conventional heating methods – which means you can cosy up, sit back and relax!

Room design

Unlike with other heating systems, such as radiators and electric heaters, underfloor heating takes up no value wall space meaning there are no limits to how you design your home, place your furniture or plan your space.

Added conform

Underfloor heating covers the entire floor space of your orangery or conservatory which means the heat isnʼt condensed into one area. The means it generates radiant heat which fills the whole space for added conform and warmth throughout the winter. Plus, your underfloor heating system will be silent meaning you wonʼt be disturbed as you cosy up.

Safer environment

If youʼve got young children, radiators or electric heaters can be hazardous as they can cause injury through burns. With underfloor heating, you neednʼt worry as itʼs safe and secure and thereʼs no risk of accidental burns are there are no hot pipes exposed. Also, underfloor heating can be of benefit to yours and your familyʼs health too as it does not promote dust and can help combat dust mites which is great new to any asthma suffers!


Once your underfloor heating has been installed, youʼll soon get to grips with the simple controls. You can easily set the desired temperature for the room and then sit back, relax and enjoy as your room heats to the set temperature – and remains there until you instruct it otherwise! Plus, if you have more than more room fitted with underfloor heating, you can set each room to an individual temperature in order to meet the demands of each space in your home.

If youʼre interested in a new conservatory or orangery from Walkers Windows, visit of huge showroom on Leeds Road, Huddersfield today or call us free on 0800 849 222 9 and arrange a free, no obligation appointment with one of our dedicated Sales Advisors.