A porch in the snow.

The exterior of your home should be warm and welcoming and something you look forward to coming home to. If your property is looking a little worse for wear but you donʼt fancy upping sticks and moving, there are loads of ways you can make improvements to enhance your home. Installing new windows and doors can instantly give your house a facelift, adding a conservatory or orangery will create more space but this is the perfect time of the year for an addition you might not have considered before – a porch.

If you havenʼt thought about installing a porch to your property before, hereʼs why Walkers Windows think you should and why itʼs the perfect time of the year to do so:

Keep the cold out

Opening and closing your front door at this time of the year allows the cold winter air into your home and usually results in rain, leaves, snow and mud entering into your house. Let’s face it – no-one wants to spend their evening scrubbing mud out of their cream carpets or hoovering up leaves and cold air entering into your home could mean you’re spending more on heating in order to keep your home warm and cosy. By adding another layer to your abode in the form of a porch, you will not only enhance the aesthetics of your home but it will help shield against the elements.

Great for energy efficiency

All Walker’s porches are fitted with A-Rated double glazing which has amazing thermal efficiency and will ensure that your home is warm and toasty all through winter. Think of a porch as as an extra jacket for your home and help keep it protected this year.

Extra security and peace of mind

Whenever you leave your home empty, it’s always nice to have the reassurance that it is securely protected from any potential intrusion. A porch will act as a further barrier against intruders which increase during the dark winter nights. Plus, as with all Walkers Windows products, all our windows and doors installed in our porches are fitted with the highest security locks which will help keep thieves out of your home.


There’s nothing worse than people walking onto your carpet or laminate flooring and leaves muddy footprints all over it. A porch is a great way to prevent this from happening as you can ask all visitors to leave their muddy boots and shoes in your porch, out of the way and keeping your home clean and tidy. Plus, a porch is the perfect place to stores coats, umbrellas and wellies when you come in out of the cold and guests can easily pick them back up again on their way out!

If you’re not already convinced, visit our website and check out the brilliant range of colours and options you can pick to ensure your new porch enhances your home perfectly If you’d like a free, no obligation quotation, visit our huge showroom on Leeds Road, Huddersfield or call us free today on 0800 849 2229.