Here at Walkers Windows, we’re always looking to extend our range by adding innovative products that help create perfect solutions to house owners’ most common dilemmas.

One of our favourite, most recent additions is the integral blind; a fully operational blind set within our A-rated, double glazed, sealed unit. Walkers Windows can install these fully functioning units in a whole number of products including both doors and windows.

Hereʼs why Walkers Windows love the integral blinds and why you should too…

They provide the perfect sun block!

Summer is fast approaching and while most of us will be keeping our fingers crossed for some sunny weather, you donʼt always want the bright light and the heat from the sun blaring through into your home. Units with integral blinds can provide the perfect solution in shielding the sun from your home by directly blocking the suns rays. Walkers Windows can install these units into conservatories and orangeries too, which, alongside our energy efficient A-rated glass, will keep the heat from the summer sun penetrating the room and causing it to overheat. The best part though? As the blinds are sandwiched between the panes of glass, you can leave your windows slightly open to allow the fresh air to circulate in your home – without the worry of the blinds being taken by the wind and knocking over ornaments or similar!

Theyʼre great for privacy…

Nosey neighbours? Had a conservatory installed at the front of your property? Live near a busy main road with lots of traffic? At the simple pull of a cord, Walkers Windows integral blinds will provide you with instant privacy and all without having to pull on full curtains which can create a dark, uninviting atmosphere.

They come in a wide range of colours

Just like standard blinds, our integral blinds are available in a huge selection of colours so whatever colour scheme you have in your home or conservatory, Walkers will have the perfect blind to suit it. Whether youʼre looking to keep things neutral and light or create a darker room, weʼll find the right blinds for you and your home!

You donʼt have to clean them (yes, really!)

Regular blinds demand constant cleaning as dust is easily trapped between each panel. This can be a daunting task and hard to upkeep, especially if you have a number of rooms with blinds installed – plus, it can be a fiddly little task getting between each panel with a duster. As integral blinds are concealed between the panes of glass, they never gather any dusk or dirt and therefore will never require cleaning – yes really, never!

If youʼre interested in having integral blinds installed or youʼd just like a little bit more information, call Walkers Windows for a free, no obligation quotation today on 0800 849 2229. Want to see our fantastic units for yourself? Visit our showroom on Leeds Road, Huddersfield and have a look at what style and colour is best for your home!

Charlotte Strickland