winter with walkers

Winter is the season of family gatherings and dinner parties. Our range of orangeries and conservatories are perfect for when you need that extra space to host a party. We’ve got some top tips on how to survive it when your turn comes around.

1. Prepare ahead
Avoid getting into a flap by preparing as much as you can as early as you can. Anything you can do the day before, do it! Decorations and finishing touches can be prepared and some of the food can get started, even if this is just chopping the vegetables.

2. Plan your time
Create a time plan for things that you will need to do once guests have arrived and make sure it’s achievable.

3. Avoid any surprises
It’s best to double check if your guests have any dietary requirements as you don’t want to find out on the day and you’ve got nothing planned.

4. Cook Smart
Don’t over work yourself, or cook something that means you’ll be missing from the party for most of the night. You want to enjoy it too. So cook something you don’t need to be flipping, stirring or checking.

5. Finishing touches
Make sure you think about other things than just the food. People want to have a good time, and aren’t judging you on your cooking skills. Think about decorating your table, if not whole room to give it a special feel. See our board below for some ideas!

dinner party inspiration

1. Orangeries, Walkers Windows 2. Confetti Balloons, £3.49, Pretty Little Party Shop 3. Drinks Trolley, £199, Next 4. Festoon lights, £15, M&S 5. Underfloor heating, Walkers Windows 6. Statement table, £699, Barker & Stonehouse 7. Glitter garland, £5.99, Ginger Ray 8. Copper Glasses, £6, Asda

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