beat the cold with walkers windows

We are mid winter and we may have had our shortest day, but we are yet to have our coldest. We have some top tips to keep you warm this winter time.

1. Wrap up warm
We all know it, but layering up before turning up the heating really is the most cost effective way of keeping warm this winter. Layers can mean anything from wearing an extra jumper, putting on your fluffiest dressing gown or cuddling up under a cosy blanket.

brewing a fruity tea

2. Invest in a new front door
Walkers Windows composite doors use an environmentally friendly insulated core built up of CFC-free PV foam, keeping the heat in your home and cold out. This means heat won’t be escaping through your door, saving you money on your heating bills and make your whole home more energy efficient.

close up of dark composite door

3. Oven heat the house
Once dinner comes out of the oven, don’t waste all that heat you’ve already paid for. Leave the door open and let the heat transfer through, although make sure to keep kids and pets away while it’s still hot.

4. Rearrange the furniture
If any large furniture is positioned in front of a radiator, you are most certainly wasting money heating something that doesn’t need heating. Rearranging your room more effectively means you will feel the full effect and warm the whole space, rather than one item.

modern string chair
5. Bleed your radiators
Check your radiators are heating to the top. If they aren’t then they will need bleeding. It’s really easy to do and makes sure you get full use of them.

6. Shut your curtains
Warmth escapes from your home through the windows, so if you’ve got curtains, close them before it gets dark to trap in that heat from the day. Also make sure you invest in some thicker curtains that fit properly.

interior of purple modern master bedroom

7. Heat your home not your walls
Keep your house warm with foil insulation. You can buy ready made foil insulation or DIY it by covering a thin sheet of card in tin foil and popping in behind your radiators. This reflects the heat back into your room.

8. Replace old windows
Typically an average home looses at least 30% of it’s heating through air leaks around windows and doors. All of our windows here at Walkers Windows have been awarded an A-rating by the BFRC (British Fenestration Rating Council) and with installation by our expert team we can assure that your home will be much more energy efficient.